About Us


MyBestBets is a unique web and mobile application that supports low-income young adults in making the right choices when it comes to postsecondary education and training pathways—choices that will lead to high-demand and high-growth careers.

Using MyBestBets, young people can:

  • Identify their interests, talents, and aspirations;
  • Utilize sophisticated and visually dynamic data sets to investigate potential careers;
  • Organize and track progress towards their postsecondary goals;
  • Stay connected to staff and career coaches that care;
  • Develop skills and social capital through real-world experiences; and
  • Take ownership of and actively shape their own best-bet education and career pathway.

MyBestBets is cutting edge—both in combining and presenting personal and labor market data in highly engaging ways and in supporting a blended learning approach that deepens their relationships with their advisors or counselors.

MyBestBets will support professionals who are responsible for providing the support and guidance that we know these young people must have in order to succeed.

MyBestBets will be far-reaching. There are more than 14 million US jobs requiring postsecondary degrees that will go unfilled in the next 10 years unless our country’s young people are guided to make the right education and career choices.

MyBestBets gives the most disenfranchised of young adults the opportunity to make informed decisions that will bring them into the economic mainstream and help secure their financial well-being.


More than 14 million US jobs requiring postsecondary degrees will go unfilled in the next 10 years. More than 6 million young adults with only a high school diploma or GED are out of work and lack access to the economic mainstream. More than ever before, closing this Opportunity Divide requires innovative solutions to empower low-income young adults as informed consumers making transparent choices connecting education, training, and meaningful career pathways.


Jobs for the Future has 30 years of experience fixing “leaks” along the education-to-career pipeline and a proven track record of ensuring employers have the skilled workers they need to succeed in today’s economy. YouthBuild USA has 35 years experience working directly with low-income young people to unleash their intelligence and positive energy to rebuild their communities and lives.

Together, we have created an LLC to support this platform and bring together our collective “special sauce” of innovation and experience in the education and career sectors to close the Opportunity Divide with a game-changing tech-enhanced education and career counseling approach.


The platform will pilot in four cities with schools and programs within our respective networks in the fall of 2014, with national scaling opportunities to follow.

Starting with MyBestBets?

As a Student

MyBestBets uses the power of good information and social networks to help you become a more informed consumer when it comes to your education. Think of yourself as someone who is "shopping" for the right postsecondary program. What do you need to know to make sure you're making a good investment with your money, time, and effort? The right information, and the right people, are critical to helping you find your "best bet" - a high quality, affordable postsecondary program that will lead you to a well-paying job with opportunities to move up.

As a Coach

MyBestBets uses the power of good information and social networks to help students become a more informed consumer when it comes to their future education. We know that students can't do this alone - they need support. MyBestBets is for a student's support person too - to provide you with the ability to manage student progress data, help them connect to the resources they need, and empower them to make smart decisions about their future.